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Serving central New Jersey since 1999

I began working with birthing families as a Bradley Method® childbirth educator in 1999 while pregnant myself with my second child.  After experiencing first-hand the vital support that a doula can provide, I became a certified doula in 2002.  I returned to school in 2005 and completed a BA in Humanities at Rider University in 2007, followed by a BSN from the Rutgers University College of Nursing Accelerated Program in 2010. After my third child was born in 2011, I attained my MSN in Midwifery and Women’s Health in 2015 from Georgetown University. I have experience supporting birth in hospital, birth center and home settings.

After leaving clinical practice, I began exploring new ways to help birth givers.  In 2022, I certified in three new modalities: Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise through Core Exercise Solutions, Integrative Feeding and Lactation Support through Manhattan Birth, and Birth Story Medicine with Pam England and her team.  With a burning desire to help those who had experienced trauma around their birth, I also trained in trauma informed care, trauma in the care provider and preventing birth trauma with Krysta Dancy.  I began to see the parallels in the research between the trauma experienced by birth givers and the moral injury, vicarious trauma and burnout plaguing birth workers and providers.

I am also a mom to three amazing children, a dog, a cat, a pet rabbit and a variety of laying hens.  In my spare time I can be found reading, dancing, taking in nature, crocheting, watching baseball and drinking chai.


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          Why Blackbird Perinatal Care Community?

“When disability ended my career as a nurse-midwife, I knew I would find another way to serve birthing families. As my time away from the system grew, I began to see the glaring ways in which the current offerings do not meet the needs of birthing people and babies. In clinical practice, I would often refer people for services like infant feeding and lactation support, exercise guidance to help with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscle separation issues common after pregnancy and birth, or help processing their birth experience when thoughts and memories were overwhelming. What I learned from outside the system is that families raising new babies often lack the time, energy, or resources to follow up on those referrals and get those needs met.  And the professionals giving that advice were often out of touch with the barriers families face in accessing care. When COVID hit, research shows that it ushered in a secondary epidemic of isolation and silence for birthing and postpartum people, which left them with even greater barriers to accessing care at a time when they needed it most.  

That’s where Blackbird comes in…even though I went to school for ten years to support birthing and parenting families…even though I learned a lot there…even though I spent ten years supporting families BEFORE that…it wasn’t enough.  Learning never stops if we want to support families. So, I leveled up…

  • I joined Manhattan Birth for the amazing Integrative Lactation+Infant Feeding Specialist certification training, a program hallmarked by compassion, wisdom and radical inclusivity.

  • I worked with birth trauma specialists, and certified as a Birth Story Listener with Birth Story Medicine by Pam England.  The Birth Story Listener supports parents experiencing unresolved memories about birth brought about by unwished for events, relationships with those tasked to care for you, or systemic policy failures. These sessions are also invaluable for birth workers who have experienced vicarious trauma or moral injury in their work.

  • Drawing on my early life experience as a ballet dancer and instructor, as well as my Masters level understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, I certified as a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist with Core Exercise Solutions by Dr. Sarah Duvall.  Physical trauma and other types of trauma often go hand in hand, and I offer an integrated approach to healing.

  • I trained with Krysta Dancy and Dancy Perinatal in debriefing, preventing birth trauma and trauma-informed care for both providers and birthing people.

  • Now in my third decade of supporting birthing families and birthworkers, I am connected to an amazing network of colleagues in a variety of specialties, from pelvic floor physical therapy, to counselors specializing in perinatal issues, to a trauma-informed provider for future reproductive healthcare.”

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